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Univerzita Palackého

Visegrad Choral Bridges II Project


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Dear visitors, readers but above all listeners. Welcome to the offical websites of the mixed chamber choir ATENEO (Ateneo means academy in Italian, a university, high school).

The chorus, composed by students of the Palacky University in Olomouc, has been estabilished in 2001 on the own intiative of the music admiring students under patronage of the Faculty of Education of the Department of Music. The study of any music subjects is not a condition for entrance though, so the range of the members is quite various: from math students over future doctors to lawyers or investigative journalists, and of course, future teachers.

The choir has been conducted by PaeDr. Pavel Rezny, Ph.D., associate professor of Palacky University of the Faculty of Education of the Department of Music, since its establishing.

The repertoire of ATENEO is as various as its composition. It reaches a wide range of music, from so called old-music to modern music or even sometimes postmodern music pieces. The range of the styles reaches from classical music to choir adaptations of folk and popular songs up to compositions of blues, spiritual or gospel.

The chorus gathers once a week, each tuesday from 18.00 CET, in the chorus hall (classroom 301) in the attic rooms of the Olomouc monastery, Art centre UP.

The recruitment of new members is always done at the beginning of the academy year. It is still possible to join the chorus during the year though, especially of you are a pround owner of a nice male voice. Do not hesitate anymore, visit us on the forthcoming tuesday evening and join our singing range. Otherwise we are looking forward to seeing you at our future performance.

The members of ATENEO

The choir is a member of Unie českých pěveckých sborů

The choir is supported by město Olomouc Olomoucký kraj